3.1 kWh

60+ MPH, 95+ KPH
Average Range: 42 miles / 68 kilometers 
Battery Pack Voltage: 76.8 V 
Peak Motor Power: 13kW @ 4500 rpm

Empulse Specifications
 Empulse 6.0 Empulse 8.0 Empulse 10.0

Peak Motor Power: 40kW 40kW 40kW
Battery Pack Capacity:  6kWh 8kWh 10kWh 
Battery Pack Voltage:  88.8V 88.8V 88.8V
Recharge Time:  Approximately 6 hours Approximately 8 hours Approximately 10 hours
Empulse Performance
Average Range:  60 miles (96 km) 80 miles (128 km) 100 miles (160 km)


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